Blockchain demonstrator serious game

Blockchain demonstrator serious game

Serious game designed to demonstrate the potential impact of blockchain technologies on the supply chain in an online educative game based on the beer game.

Made by students and directed by Maxime Bouillon

A serious game to show what blockchain will change on our supply chains

The blockchain demonstrator is a game being developped by Windesheim researchers in collaboration with teams of students. Designed as an educative game based on the beer game originally created in 1960 at the MIT, the blockchain demonstrator consist of four players set up in a traditional supply chain. They first go through a few rounds, facing the bullwhip effect before they are introduced to sets of new technologies that will potentially make it easier to organize their chain.

Played by over 100 students in the previous semesters, the game is currently being finalized with a v1.0 being released and playable soon.

A peek at the game