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Conditioned goods

Het vervoeren van goederen van afzender naar ontvanger is de eenvoudigste beschrijving van een logistieke keten. De bijbehorende betaling bewandelt vervolgens de route in omgekeerde richting. Binnen supply chains worden veel goederen onder vooraf gesproken condities opgeslagen en verzonden. Vandaar de titel ‘geconditioneerde goederen’.

Current situation

Currently, Spark! a project in the potato chain of LambWeston, one of the world's largest producers and processors of potato products. These potato products are transported to Lineage by transporter DLG under specific temperature conditions. There the products are stored frozen before going to the retailer and then to a consumer. Maybe you are!

Research question

Blockchain technology offers the possibility to guarantee the reliability, traceability and authenticity of information. In conjunction with smart contract based agreements in a trustless environment. This predicts a major change in the design of supply chains. Products can be mirrored in a digital equivalent, the digital twin. All relevant actions and environmental factors can be stored and monitored with this digital twin , for example the temperature of the product.

The question we want to answer in this application is: What value can real-time temperature data bring to the logistics chain? By answering this question, participating parties get a better grip on the chain and can therefore make better decisions, based on data, about future optimization and product development.

Intended solutions/products

In the past semester, an analysis was carried out on the current process, in collaboration with the parties involved. This semester, different teams are working on the following projects: completing the feasibility study, realizing a blockchain platform for storing and sharing temperature data, and testing the reliability of sensors in the studied process.

In samenwerking met

Video presentatie

A short video in which Maxime Bouillon, Lab Manager at Spark! Living Lab, talks about this use case.


Dit zijn de resultaten van het werk van onze studenten aan deze use cas.