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Smart RTP

Returnable Transport Packaging (RTP) are an essential part of any supply chain. The current management (with Excel and databases) and nature of the application make it difficult to know how many RTP are true and when. This use case aims to solve this problem by using smart sensors on those RTP.

Current situation

Currently, Spark! Pharox provides services to companies that use or offer RTP. Many companies do not have an IT system for tracking RTP, and when one company does, it is not linked to others. On a daily basis, it can be difficult to track RTP, due to errors, misuse or the complexity of the chain. Sparkle! Living Lab and Pharox are currently developing a case in which RTP are equipped with IoT sensors, which makes it possible to track RTP. A second goal is to provide real-time insight into the status of RTP in the chain, by using big data.

Research question

To change the way RTP are managed, a combination of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, such as sensors, and big data will be used, possibly with the support of a blockchain application. When this combination works, major adaptations will become possible in any industry that uses RTP. From the most famous pallets to the container or packaging made for a specific project.

The question we want to answer in this application is: What value can IoT, big data and blockchain add to the management of RTPs. By answering this question, the participating parties get a better grip on the chain and can therefore make better decisions and prevent tensions in the chain.

Intended solutions/products

We want to develop smart RTP. We want to set up a system where we can collect and exchange data from RTP, in order to simplify management and administration of RTP. The ultimate goal is to use blockchain to connect all providers of RTP and users, and thus offer a platform that provides real-time insight into their RTP, management and administration.

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